Thinking about dates

As I was driving in to work today, I passed a bank sign that had the date 22/02/2012. I started thinking about how cool it will be in December when the date on that sign says 20/12/2012.

Then, as I was forgetting to change lanes I began to think about how geeky I am. I’m guessing they didn’t think about things like this in 1912. Probably not in 1812, and I bet a lot of people in 1712 didn’t know days, months, or years. I think we’ve made the calendar and the clock (measuring time) a much higher priority and a part of our being today than they did back then. I could be wrong, but how could I find out?

My Goulash Recipe (thanks Alton!)

Goulash – serves 3 or 4.  I doubled all the other things (besides meat – 1lb per diner)

English cut plate short ribs min 1 lb per diner

Toss w/ 1 tbs salt

Sear on hot cast iron griddle 3 min

Or 5 min on electric griddle

¼ C tomato paste (1/2 C)                                            \\

¼ cup apple cider vinegar       (1/2 C)                           \\

1 ½ tsp worceshire sauce        (3 tsp)                                 ||  Whisk

1 ½ tsp ea. Oregano, thyme, rosemary (3tsp ea)           //

1 tsp paprika                (2 tsp)                                     //

toss browned meat w/ paste

tightly wrap in aluminum foil

place in cold oven (over drip pan) and set to 250

4 hours

cut foil over container to collect juice & fat, move fat container to fridge

let meat cool for at least an hour in fridge

Separate fat disk from container

In saucie or sauté pan:

1 tbs solidified fat – wrap and refrigerate the rest (2tbs)

peel & slice 1 large yellow or white onion (2 onions)

cube 1 pound red potatos – soak in water (2 pounds)

when fat is hot, add onion, kosher salt, potatos, pepper, reserved liquid (from braising)

Lid.  Drop heat, simmer ½ hour

Remove bones from meat, cut gristle w/ scissors, cut meat to bite size

Place meat on top of veggies, don’t stir


Add beef stock, peas, cut carrots (if adding carrots, add with potatoes)

10-15 minutes serve with 1 tbs chopped fresh parsley (2 tbs)

One blog to rule them all

I’m thinking more and more about turning my blog into my whole site. With WordPress you can add pages and links and all what-not. I would be able to create a page for a web portfolio, a music portfolio, and….what else do I need my site for?

Then I can change themes, and my site gets a new design.

We’ll see. Expect some changes in the future. Or some experiments, at the very least.

Sunday, Dec 27th, 2009

Sitting at the in-law’s again.  It’s a biweekly thing.  On the other weeks, it’s at my father’s place.

My brother in law is getting into cooking, and I think it’s awesome!  It’s so fun to talk food, and I’m looking forward to comparing recipies and techniques.  He’s a big Tyler Florence fan, and I like what he’s done with Aplebee’s menu, so it’s a very cool thing.  I think he’s starting to take an interest in Alton Brown because I talk him up so much.

For Christmas, I got two presents.  Alton’s new book, and a book of recipies from restaurants.  Cool rip-offs and clones that will save a lot of money by cooking at home rather than going out.  They’re both awesome.  I really wish I had more time to cook for my family.

We (my wife and I and her newly-cooking-brother and his wife) are talking about getting together some night and having some really good food prepared by both of us.  That would be so fun.  And tasty.  Mmmmm.

I went and saw Avatar in IMAX 3D yesterday.  I didn’t know just how much I’d love it.  I was surprised.  I’m ready to go see it agian.  I only had to ‘tidy’ problems with the movie, and when I called my friend Juv to whine about it, he pointed out one other that doesn’t kill it for me, but I can see his point.  My first–if I meet you for the first time, and your native language is one of consonants, hums, clicks, and grunts, AND you can speak mine (English), and I tell you a word you’re not familiar with (let’s say…’Sully’), you would likely repeat back that word to me phonetically, right?  You’d say back, “Sully””.  NOT “”SOOLY””  And then a few months later say, “”Soolay””.  Lame.  I’ve had this problem ever since that crap kid Geroge Lucas put in Phantom Menace couldn’t repeat phonetically a word that Liam Neeson’s character just told him for the first time (symbiotes).  When the actor makes a variation with the way the word is spelled and how the vowels might sound, it drives me crazy.  My other problem–the Hallelujah Mountains.  My mind came up with a reasonable explaination as to why the rocks were up there (the trees picked up the rocks in their roots and carried them up, and maybe the near vicinity of the planet Pandora orbits pulls the objects higher, also creating the flux area) and was able to enjoy the scenes just fine.  My problem—the waterfalls.  Where the hell should that water come from???  Lame.  Juv also had a problem with the finality of the quest the hunters must go on to get their flying banshees.  They have to leap from a rock to a hanging vine and then ascend to another rock.  You couldn’t very well go back if one of the banshees didn’t pick you, could you?

I’m ready to see it again.  But I don’t want to see it in a regular theater.  I want to see it in IMAX again.  I know the comparison would be disappointing, and I don’t want to ‘downgrade’.

I’m coding again.  I’m working on an application for my new band’s website.  It will be cool, and I’m glad to be back coding.  If it weren’t for the help of Jason Rose, I’d be up a paddle without a creek.

I’m looking forward to 2010.  I suppose things could be worse than they have been.  And that would suck.  But I have a feeling things will be better.  Here’s to hoping!  My overarching concern–things might be better for me and mine.  But I bet things continue to get worse for the US and the world.  And that will be…uncomfortable.

Time to check in

I really am a crappy blogger.  Not the worst, just really bad.

It’s nearing Christmas.  I like it.  We have no discretionary funds this year.  Less than we’ve ever had before.  Ever.  Oh well.  The kids should do ok.  Nothing for the groan ups.

Our microwave died a couple months ago.  We’ve been cooking from 1983.  It hasn’t been too bad, just can’t nuke something up and have a quick snack.  No microwave popcorn.  Life rolls forward, yes it does.

So I was recently teased with a new band opportunity.  But after a few months of rehearsal the plug was pulled.  Chaos!  Confusion!  After the dust settled, it looks like the original band members wanted to lose the keys (me), the female lead, and the original guitarist.  I talked at length with a couple of the guys, and it was just that the band wasn’t going where they wanted.  Rather than talk about it, they just killed it.  Weak.

So I’m making my own.  I found contacts through this opportunity that should yield fun, well-paying gigs.  Should.  I’m banking on them.  I’m excited as anything, and I’m doing my best to keep my head on my shoulders.  A lot of planning.  Organization.  I’m coding again, trying to make a site for us to share music on.  And later for clients to contact us and book us.

Coding again.  It’s been over two years now.  It makes my head hurt.

My team at work has changed a lot.  They had to decimate us at Halloween for overhead budgetary reasons.  We were cut just a little too tightly, and we have been having a hard time keeping above water.  I was told this week that I’ll be able to hire two new programmers, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

For the first time since we were married, I’m below my marriage weight.  275-277 (depending on the day).  For over 12 years I’ve been at least 280, and I recently got as high as 298.  I’ve resolved that I’m going to lose weight in 2010.  It will take a long time, but I want to get down to 240, even better, 220.  I can’t imagine what I’ll even look like down there.  I was 240 on my mission.  It will be cool.

Ok, it’s time to end the post.  Later!

Nothing worse. Nothing.

My son is sick.  He’s throwing up.

I would undergo anything rather than see my kids be ill.  I can’t stand it.  I just want to hug them and take it out.  I’ll be fine.  They’re small and don’t understand.  My engorged body can handle puking for days and still have all the mass and energy I need.  His little body can’t lose a half pound without making him whisp away.

I hate it.

Orange Crush


These robots are working in warehouses for Zappos (in this video), Online Walgreens, and Staples.  I think they’re very cool, they don’t tell inappropriate jokes at work, and it’s being run by a computer brain.

While this has its obvious drawbacks (unhappy computer brain decides to kill the humans by crushing them between two overloaded racks), it would speed up inventory and fulfillment, lower overhead (robots don’t need benefits or paid vacation), and make your company very cool.  Sadly, anytime you find ways to lower the overhead, you’re cutting jobs for us humans.

I would love to go visit the Staples warehouse in Denver to check out these orange beauties.  I doubt they’d let me in though.

Beep!  Boop!  Beeppittyboop!

Sunday dinner at the in-laws, later at home (edit)

A couple thoughts.

My in-laws are buying a new house.  And the process is being drawn out and out and out.  They’re buying a bank-owned property, and I’m recalling what I learned in Real Estate training.  Bank-owned properties have SO many hidden ties holding them down.  I’m not exactly what’s slowing it down, but it sounds like they can’t get clear title.  I heard mumble of a builder holding a lien, this bank holding a lien, and maybe a second bank.  So first position, a second position, maybe a third.  Yuck.  BUT–you get a deal.  They’re getting a house they never could have got otherwise, so it’s good for them.  It’s just a headache if you’re not used to these kinds of deals.

Secondly, my monitor has lots of little spots on it.  And fingerprints.  I can wipe off the spots and fingerprints.  I know where fingerprints come from, and with little kids, I believe it’s unavoidable.  But the spots?  Where do they come from?  Annoying.

I am reminded that I think we all need to treat one another with greater regard.  More love, compassion, and forgiveness.  You can’t show me one person who has too much of any of that shown to them.  What would the world be like if we all had all the love, compassion, and forgiveness we needed?  I bet we’d all sleep better.