What if you could bring the oil disaster home?

The Oils Spill over Utah

This is what it would look like if the BP Oil Disaster took place in Utah. If it started in Orem, it would go to the middle of Nevada, just touch Idaho, make a mess over Rock Springs in Wyoming, and cut into Colorado. Think about how long it would take to drive that distance. This is HUGE. And I’m sickened that more isn’t being done.

I don’t know how they’re going to solve it, but I just wish that the BP uppers would be stripped of their jobs and made to live on the gulf coast. I want them to live in what they’ve done.

But that will never happen.

You can see this tragedy superimposed on a map of your choosing at IfItWasMyHome.com.

Ugh. Someone should have paid for an editor..

The Riverwoods.

The video says it all. And it says it for a long time.

How much would it suck to be one of the guys in the band that had to play the same thing over and over for 10 minutes? That organ sound is killing me. But it sounds like this might be the first time the drummer has been miked, so good for him.

What is this neat little outdoor mall with the trolley they’re trying to show us the place will be like? With the dancing waters n stuff? Anyone know?

I really do hope the shops start filling up. I like the Riverwoods. I used to work down there.